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Monthly Archives: March 2017


There's nothing like a bit of Moorland activity to make you feel like you've earned some cake! Mood, weather and type of activity often dictates which cafe would be the most suitable on a certain occasion.  Therefore, it would be impossible (for me anyway) to rate an all-time favourite.  So, like they say, in no [...]

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BOOK COVER revealed

Wahoo! Here is the first reveal of my forthcoming BOOK cover.   Artwork is by the very talented Dave Freeland of Toonisms . Also responsible for the illustrations in the book.  He's been magically creating cartoon forms some of the characters we met along the way. Dave can also be found (no doubt doodling) on [...]

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ADVENTURE WRITING – fear of the unknown

I’m a bit addicted to scribbling in notebooks, many writers are.  Shame I’m not quite so addicted to somehow ordering the contents in any useful way.  Some books are easy to identify, certain trips are contained within a cover I am familiar with. Other numerous (almost) identical note books could contain a mixture of things [...]

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It’s well known and proven that even regular walking is good for you, the fresh air, being in nature, walking in groups, just the act of movement, the freedom and often tranquillity. What could possibly make Nordic Walking more beneficial than that? And as I’m often asked “what exactly is this Nordic Walking”? STARTING WITH [...]

By | March 10th, 2017|Dartmoor & Devon, Outdoor Activity|6 Comments