It would be a fair conclusion to say – “THIS DIDN’T GO HOW WE EXPECTED”!

But where would be the fun in that?

First there was flying our bikes out – that went wrong.  They got left behind when they missed a connecting flight.  Then, when they finally arrived – they were damaged!

We were certainly not expecting the high volume of traffic that we experienced. It was unpleasant to say the least. At least as busy as India. Chaos with several vehicles overtaking each other at the same time, and then the CRAZY buses that just aim at everyone else. The heat intensified the air pollution and daily we had sore throats accompanied by really attractive black bogeys.

Anyway, not wishing to die, but not ones to miss opportunities to see what might be out there, we found safe storage for the bikes, and headed off on the train, to see if the roads improved in a southerly direction (they didn’t!).

So, next we headed north and into one of the national parks (no bikes allowed), which in a way was a shame because they were lovely quiet roads (perfect for cycling).  I actually think that our odds of survival would have been higher cycling here amongst the wild animals than on the roads with the local traffic and CRAZY buses.  But rules are rules, so we didn’t get to find out.

The wildlife we saw was amazing, hearing a wild elephant is an incredible sound to experience. Just after watching a magnificent leopard wander off after his nap, our safari truck got a puncture……the fastest wheel I’ve ever seen changed.  They probably could get a job with Formula 1.

Sri Lankan food is great. Most of the people we met were lovely. There are many more tales to tell, but I’m saving them for the next book.

Just in case we were thinking of sneaking anything dodgy out in our bike bags……………

We are now busy planning our next very exciting (and not JUST cycling) journey.  We are currently testing a VERY different type of bike – and will be making our decision as to whether to tell Solo and Pole or not very soon!  Will keep you posted as to where, when and how in the near future……………watch this space and thanks for reading.